Our Hard Cider List

At most we have 14 ciders on tap, and they are ever changing at the tasting room, but here are some flagship ciders we always try to keep around:


Hop – Made with a unique blend of culinary and heirloom apples, Hop is then amplified with a variety of hops that are carefully selected to intensify the aroma and mouthfeel of an already great tasting cider. (Off-Dry) 6% ABV


Old Bicorne – Our original cider. Made entirely of Northern Spy apples, this single varietal cider is the perfect balance between tart and sweet with a mild carbonation. (Semi-Sweet) 5.5% ABV


Crisp – Some say the apple is the noblest of fruits. If that is so, then the Honeycrisp apple reigns king in northeast Indiana. Crisp is produced with a majority of Honeycrisp apples, bringing a beautiful light straw color with fresh apple aromatics. (Sweet) 5% ABV