Barg & Butch Negociants

Subtle Red (Sweet)

Nose- Freshly pressed concord grape
Taste- Classic Concord sweetness

Subtle White (Sweet)

Nose- Tropical fruits
Taste- Niagara softness with hints of mango

Mango (Sweet)

Nose- Strong mango
Taste- Juicy ripe mango fruit, tropic sweetness

Strawberry (Sweet)

Nose- Sweet strawberry
Taste- Ripe, fresh picked field strawberries

Riesling (Off-Dry)

Nose- Stone fruit skins
Taste- Soft and refreshing with mango undertones and a light minerality

Seyval Blanc (Off-Dry)

Nose- Notes of green grass and citrus
Taste- Light and fresh, citrus, melons, finished with a strong minerality

Rosé (Dry)

Nose- Floral, similar to wet rose petals, hints of strawberries, blackberry stems
Taste- unripe strawberries with hints of white raspberries

Red Blend (Dry)

Nose- Licorice and chocolate-covered cherries
Taste- An instant smoothness followed by a tannic bite on the finish